Kayla Payne

Apr 07

Bullying really hurts people open your eyes

i have never done this, i am not looking for any attenchin at all, i just want people to know what bullying dase to people

Okay well this is my story, have you heard how bullying gets to suicide, well i was there one time,in elementary school, i was bullied, because im *bigger* im not *beautiful* and i was called fat, a wale , to go to the ocean..i was logied on, and everytime i would run or jump everyone would yell EARTHQWAKE, everyone in my school would make up of me, older kids, younger kids, everyone,and i was always nice, … i wouldn’t even come out of my own house, i sat inside everyday alone, just thinking, and even when i looked at myself in the mirror, id cry, because i hate that im bigger, i hate that im not a beautiful skinny girl, but want to know something, i tryed to just be happy , i was always nice to everyone, even the ones that would make me go home and cry, i was always there helping, and giving people stuff, i was nice to everyone, i hated going to school, id have nightmares of being at school, i didint have friends, all my friends always talked behind my back, but i ignored it, i’d go home, and just cry, then i started to cut myself…. i was sick and tired of being bullyed, i couldnt handle the minit i steped out of my house i was bullyed, but i was still bullyed over the computer, but i was spat on, ran away from, and imatated, it was like i was a monter to everyone, i could handle life, i could even look at my self in a mirror anymore, i started cuting myself even more, i tryed to talk to the school,i couldnt walk out of my own house without the fear of being alone in the world, i have know one, i didint want to talk to my parents i didint want to hurt them, i just didint want to be alive„ i felt so worthless and so unloved, i felt like i would be alone in the world forever, but everytime the bullies would get worse, and harder … so id still be home alone, with no one, my parents worked because they though i was happy, but really i wanted to die, they always tryed to help but id always say i was ok, i had nightmares of everyone bullying me, and id cry myself to sleep becaus i seen me kill myself „„ and one day, i though to myself, i dont deserve to be alive, im a monster, and i felt like i was nothing, so i though if i kill myself, no one will really care,so i had a plan, i was going to hang myself, but one day someone seen my wrist and told the teacher, called my parents and they cheeked on me all the time, but the resone i am alive right now, is because i wanted to stay to help people, to get people to understand what bullying dase to people, i live to make others smile and happy, because i wouldnt be happy right now, if it wasnt because of me being able to be there for people and to help them i wouldnt be alive, i live to try my best to make people understand, if i could do anything, i would wish for everyone to just be nice, and to get along, i just want you to understand, and to thoughs that are bullied now, you are NOT alone, you are B E A U T I F U L